‘Outcast’ Episode Five Recap and Reaction


In light of the events of the last episode of Outcast, Reverend Anderson began a search on those he exorcised. Anderson recently learned he had failed to exorcise Mildred. This week, Anderson and Kyle learned that Anderson may not have succeeded in any of his exorcisms. This week, plots from several issues were covered. We were introduced to Brian and Sherry. More insight on Giles’ investigation on his best friend continued. Lastly, Kyle investigated his wife, believing she may still be possessed.

Hitting the mid-season point, Kyle and Anderson continue to share their disagreements. That dynamic is one of the best parts of the show. Kyle and Anderson aren’t made as a well-oiled machine. At times, the two serve as a voice of reason for each other. In most stories, one character serves as a voice of reason for the other.  Not in this story. This was demonstrated when Kyle suggested to Roy that his daughter may still be possessed. Anderson called Kyle an inconsiderate prick. Quite frankly, it’s easy to agree with Anderson.

Kyle, however, told Anderson he’d want the truth if it was Amber who was possessed. Both characters brought up great points. However, it may have been easier for Kyle to react the way he said he would as he has the power to exorcise.  Roy, on the other hand, is powerless and can have doubts that exorcisms are possible. Kyle later became the voice of reason when he told Anderson to stop having faith in God as he clearly isn’t listening to him after all that is happening.

Once again, Giles’ investigation continued. Giles hints to his friend he’s on to him. Ogden’s reactions make him look guilty and perhaps he not be possessed. Then again, as previously seen, demon’s can be tricksters.  One thing to note is that Ogden is friends with Anderson and Giles. The demon may not want Anderson to get involved. Hopefully, this plot will still somehow tie into the main plot and not simply for Giles’ character development.

Top moments


“You’re a mean b*tch” Alright, who wasn’t caught off guard with that? Cute little Amber Barnes cursing her mother. Amber was upset over her father having to leave. Throughout the episode, Amber clearly demonstrated that her comment had much more meaning.

Amber is just too adorable, she has to be featured in another top moment.  Allison found what seemed to be a trail of blood. As she followed the trail, she learned it was her daughter, and it was only red paint. Her mother freaked out and yelled at her. Amber screamed and ran away.  Once again, Amber’s hints she may know what really happened that night between her mother and her father, but left unaware her mother was possessed.

“God sure as sh*t didn’t put her there” This exchange between Kyle and Anderson was very intriguing. Anderson referred to Sherry’s exorcism a win.  Kyle disagreed with Anderson. While Sherry’s soul may be free, she was left in a coma, much like Kyle’s mother was. Anderson preached about God’s infinite wisdom but Kyle told him no one is listening.  Even if God was, Kyle told Anderson he is probably laughing at him.

Differences from the comics

Brian in the comics was also divorced with his wife.  Brian kept the home and his wife moved elsewhere in the comics.  Brian and his wife divorced on Cinemax’s adaption.  Brian then moved out and into a pet shop they once owned.

Sherry’s exorcism was done a little differently in the comics.  For the most part, the exorcism.  The difference is that the demon never went after Kyle after exorcised. In the ninth issue, the demon simply faded away but on the show, the demon put up a fight with Kyle before fading away.


Kyle came by Allison’s home in Charleston after exorcising Sherry in the source material. While this moment both happened after Sherry’s exorcism, Allison came by Kyle’s home on the Cinemax show. Both scenes still relatively played out the same, with Allison confessing her love to Kyle and the two sharing a kiss.

For more information on Outcast, check out the Outcast Wiki, home to articles regarding both the comics and the television series.

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