‘Outcast’ Episode 8 and 9 Recap and Reaction


These past two episodes of Outcast have planted the seeds. Everything is starting to fall together as the season is wrapping up. Lenny Ogden‘s involvement with the camper has been revealed. The truth on Sidney has finally been revealed. These past two episodes shared a title with the ninth and twelfth issues of the comic, respectively.

Prior to his possession, Sidney was someone far worse than the demon inside him. As a matter of fact, after the demon possessed Sidney, the former released a boy who the real Sidney kidnapped. It’s quite interesting to have learned more on Sidney. Having the main antagonist half evil and half decent adds depth to him.

At last, Lenny Ogden’s involvement with the camper tied into the main plot. Apparently, the camper was for newly possessed individuals to unleash themselves. According to Sidney, after a few days, demons and humans coexist. Lenny kept all of this a secret as he didn’t want Anderson involved. Lenny was aware that his wife was possessed, but he preferred it that way. In the penultimate episode, however, the Ogden’s were assigned a new task. Little is known what it is but they were assigned to a basement filled with mannequins. What could their job be?

It’s great to finally learn Reverend Anderson‘s first name. On the comic, his name has yet to be revealed. On the show, he’s finally be named as John.

It was shocking how far Aaron MacCready was willing to go to get Anderson out of his life. Aaron approached Sidney to help with his problem. Aaron, hasn’t your mother ever taught you never talk to strangers? He’s awfully lucky the killer has no control over Sidney.

The reasoning behind why those around Kyle are being possessed are revealed. “You’re like a match, flickering through the trees of a dark forest,” as told by Sidney. Kyle gives the demons something to grope toward. While the demons could’ve found their way eventually, Sidney tells Kyle that he made it easier for them.

Kyle has found Allison, who had admitted herself to a psychiatric facility. Despite Kyle’s efforts, Allison refused to return to their old life. It really is a pain how much the guilt consumed Allison. Of course, they can’t give the protagonist to have happiness just yet. Hopefully, by the conclusion of the story, Kyle gets his happy ending.

Top moments


Anderson and Kyle’s brief brawl was brilliant. Their disagreements are one of the best aspects of the show. After Kyle escorted Kat Ogden away, Anderson attacked Kyle from behind. Anderson wasn’t too pleased that Kyle listened to Sidney and wanted things to be done his way.

It was great for Anderson to finally admit his jealousy. After learning Kyle was special, he became obsessed with exorcisms more than ever. He wanted to prove that Kyle wasn’t special and did what he could to prove he could exorcise. As Anderson begins to come around, we’ll probably see less head-butting between the two. It’s a shame one of the best aspects will begin to tone down, but it would’ve got old quickly.

Differences from the comic


Anderson did indeed beat Sidney down and had charges pressed against him in the comics. The circumstance was completely different. After Megan was exorcised in the comics, Anderson beat Sidney down to test his strength. He was later arrested by his friend who placed him behind bars. On the show, Anderson did so after Sidney made a generous donation to the church. Anderson wasn’t pleased, as he was playing those around him. After Giles arrested Anderson, he released him as they arrived at the station, rather than place him behind bars.

Megan never killed Mark while possessed in Robert Kirkman’s comic. Mark first found Megan possessed and was able to subdue her. Later, Mark would be hospitalized after being thrown out the second floor of their home. However, on Cinemax’s adaptation, Mark was killed after a shard of glass punctured his neck. It’s a shame to see Mark go, as there could’ve been more they could’ve done with him. It was necessary for the plot advancement for the TV continuity, however. Megan already felt guilty over what she did to Mark in the comics. It should be interesting to see her reaction after killing him on the show. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get a carbon copy of Allison’s story.

Next week on Outcast: “This Little Light”

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