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‘Outcast’ Episode 7 Recap and Reaction

This week’s episode of Outcast picked off right where last week concluded.  Just when Anderson patched himself up, he is joined by his friends for a game of poker. Though unfit to play, Anderson didn’t allow what happened to him to hold him back. Anderson even thought he was powerful, believing the Devil attacked him as he was afraid. The Reverend really needs to stop his arrogance. He accused Kyle, believing he was special but he isn’t any better. The episode shared a title with the seventeenth issue of the comics, title “The Damage Done“.

As it turns out, Ogden isn’t possessed.  Giles approached Kyle and asked him to check if his friend was possessed. Prior to the memorial, Kyle shook hands with the fire chief, learning he was fine. However, Ogden’s wife is actually the one possessed. We’ve seen Giles’ dog bark toward the Ogden’s. Clearly, it was towards the wife. It was nice having Ogden being a red herring, only to reveal his wife is the one possessed.

It’s finally been established what Donnie did to Megan. Prior to the Outcast story, Megan was raped by Donnie. Donnie claimed he was trying to be a better man. We learned that he isn’t anywhere near one. Megan dried her bank account clean to bribe Donnie to not report Mark. Donnie was still upset he didn’t get what he wanted and instead reported Mark, despite the generous amounts of cash he received.

Top moments


As the monument for Remembrance Day was unraveled, the town was shocked to find it marked by an inverted pentagram. From there, Anderson preached to the town what he spoke of was true. Anderson even blamed the Devil was responsible for the accident which killed several townsfolk. The Reverend went as far as to reveal his mark and pointed toward Sidney, announcing to the town that he’s the Devil. Kyle pulled Anderson away and told him he needed to be wise about it. Kyle even proved to be the smart one, as he could’ve proven Anderson’s point by exorcising Kat Ogden on the spot.

It’s great how they always set a suspenseful scene, only to reveal it’s only cute little Amber.  This episode, Allison walked into Amber’s room and watched as lights flashed in a closet. Turns out, it was only Amber with a headlamp. Her cuteness continued when she drew a family photo. The photo, however, was incomplete and her mother was drawn a distance from Amer and Kyle. What’s cuter is when Allison asked her to complete the drawing, Amber told her mother “I don’t know which face to draw”.

Differences from the comic


Probably the biggest deviance they’ve done from the comic, Allison forgiving Kyle. In the comic, Allison has yet to forgive Kyle. When Kyle told Allison she was possessed that night, naturally, Allison didn’t believe Kyle. It was quite shocking to see Allison forgiving Kyle. The biggest shock was Allison leaving Amber behind for Kyle to take care. It was quite heartbreaking learning Allison’s guilt over blaming Kyle all those years and leaving her child behind.

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Marcus Yap
Marcus Yap

Marcus is a Fan Contributor for Fandom. He grew up as a big fan of DC Comics but has been preferring creator-owned comics as of late. When he's not reading comics or watching his favorite TV shows, he's probably watching hockey or living in the past with old highlights.

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