‘Outcast’ Episode 1: A Page to Screen Adaption


Outcast follows Kyle Barnes, a man who has been faced with demonic possession all his life. Both his mother and wife had been possessed and since then, Kyle had sequestered himself from anyone he cares about.

Though set to premiere on June 3 on Cinemax, Outcast‘s first episode was released on Cinemax’s Youtube channel for U.S. residents, while international viewers were able to catch a live stream on FOX’s facebook page.

The first episode opened with a disturbing scene, teasing fans of what’s to come. From there, fans familiar with the source material would recognize many scenes as they were translated directly onto screen.  The intensity from the comic played out on screen, thanks to the brilliant acting all around.  For the most part, the episode was nearly a page for page adaption of the comic.  There were however, scenes from later issues brought over to the episode, while a couple other scenes were added to expand on minor characters.


Patrick Fugit killed it as Kyle Barnes, a man tethered by guilt. Along in the main cast is Wrenn Schmidt, who portrays Megan Holter.  Megan is Kyle’s forgiving and persistent adoptive sister.  Megan’s husband however (played by David Denman), played opposite to Megan.  Mark Holter believes Kyle should pay for his “sins” (unaware what really happened to Kyle’s wife).  Philip Glenister portrays Reverend Anderson, a local preacher who is obsessed with demonic possession. Among the cast in the first episode, guest star Gabriel Bateman stood out the most.  Bateman played Joshua Austin, a young kid who had been possessed.  Without going into too much detail, Bateman delivered a performance which would make many believe he was actually possessed.

If you have yet to read the source material at this point, it is suggested you hold off until the first season wraps up. With what the series throws at the audience, it is recommended to tune in weekly not knowing what to expect.  The series kicked off with a strong start and could only get wild from here.  If Outcast maintains the level of intensity, along with the great acting and storytelling, it just may be the top summer show of the year.

For more information on Outcast, check out the Outcast Wiki, home to articles regarding both the comics and the television series.

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