The Oscars “In Memoriam” Video Was More Tear-Jerking Than Usual

Drew Dietsch

The Oscars’ “In Memoriam” segment always brings to mind all the great stars we’ve lost. This year was no exception. It’s incredible to see all the talent we’ve mourned this year. There were a lot of names that had to go up on that screen…

It was nice to see Jennifer Aniston acknowledge Bill Paxton’s death and be genuinely affected by it. To have such a sudden death punctuate this event made it even more somber.

And it was particularly touching to see the reel end by highlighting the losses of mother and daughter, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

But the Academy did fail to honor a number of individuals. We’ve listed a couple of them below…

And we also did our own “In Memoriam” compilation for those we lost in 2016. Give it a watch to see just how many truly talented individuals are no longer with us.

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