‘The Originals’: Season Three Finale

Original Authority

The Originals (along with its sister show The Vampire Diaries), has had a great run this season, despite the network’s low ratings for the show—and the fact that it didn’t make the Autumn line-up—it still has fans waiting at the edge of their seats to see what the Mikaelson family do next.

Warning: Contains Spoilers from 3×22 ‘The Bloody Crown‘.

The episode opens right after the events of last weeks, with Marcel (now an Enhanced Original known as The Beast) at the bottom of the ocean. Thought to be dead by all but Vincent and Josh, he begins to reminisce about the time that Klaus rescued him from his abusive father and took him in as his own–I never did get why he saved him, or what he saw in him.

The episode flashes to the Abattoir, where Hayley and Elijah spent the night together, despite the fact that Elijah ‘killed’ Marcel the night before. Hayley comforts Elijah, telling him that he is no alone. We see Klaus with his daughter, mourning in his own way after the death of his adopted son. Klaus seems convinced that Hope would have had a better life if her father were someone other than him–he’s probably right too. However, he persists that he will do right by her and guarantee her a good, safe life. We see again Elijah, (once again) asking for Klaus’ forgiveness, telling Klaus that he did what he had to do to keep his family safe.


For me, that part was a little repetitive of the whole Klaus–Elijah relationship. One is always asking the other for forgiveness and what not, and the other never wants to give it. I’m still a little confused why Elijah is apologising, Marcel would have killed both of them had he the chance.

Next, we see Freya–who hasn’t slept all night–and Kol. Freya has out the map designed to track Klaus’ enemies from all over the world, and when Freya activates it, it shows many all in New Orleans.

The episode cuts to the Cemetery, the previous source of the witches power (since it was destroyed previous episode), where Marcel is paying his respects to his best friend and daughter like figure, Davina Claire. Vincent appears and tries to explain that Davina helped make sure that the Ancestors were cut off from the land of the living–the last good thing she did before her death. Vincent questions Marcel on if he has the ability to take down the Mikaelsons, he is certain that he can.

The next appearance of the Mikaelsons comes at the Abattoir, with Kol informing Klaus and Elijah that Freya is tracking Klaus’ enemies as they speak. The Mikaelsons are certain that they have the upper hand as no vampire can enter the compound without an invite. We see Freya performing the spell where she is attacked by a female vampire and stabbed, which pushes the brother into a trap in the middle of the compound. Marcel enters with a band of Strix vampires, confusing the likes of Klaus who was certain of his death.

After Vincent’s actions last episode, the witches are bound to be pissed. And they are. We see the witches gathered at the Cemetery, restless and searching for a leader and answers to the increasing number of vampires entering the quarter. Vincent assures them that Marcel will again, be running the quarter soon.


I think this is where Plec has an opportunity to give Vincent a purpose. So far, he has only existed to clean up the mess of previous Regents Davina and Josephine. I feel like if he doesn’t get a purpose soon, fans are going to start to dislike the character, which is a loss because he is badass.

After a scene or two with Freya and Hayley–who has an idea about stopping Marcel, and Freya’s poisoning by an unknown vampire–we cut back to the Abattoir, where Kol has been bitten by Marcel and a fight has started between Klaus, Elijah and Marcel, the former losing despite their Original Status. Elijah too is bitten and Klaus goes to attack before Rebekah (who was last seen daggered), steps in and stops the fighting. Rebekah tells Klaus that Hayley has hope in Freya and to take Kol and Elijah and leave, Marcel won’t hurt her if he knows what is good for him–we aren’t certain of how strong Rebekah is now she is cursed.

Freya and Hayley make another appearance at Lucien’s penthouse, where they are struggling to find the antidote to the poison Freya has endured. Klaus enters with the two brothers. Klaus is adamant that he is going to die while Klaus reassures him he is not going to die, Kol remarks that he too said that to Finn and Camille. Freya is sure they will die before they find a cure to all the curses placed on the family.

Rebekah asks Marcel to cure her brothers before he does something that cannot be undone, he refuses, stating that he will not loose. Rebekah asks why Marcel is doing what he is doing but agrees when Marcel says that she cannot defend them. Marcel explains that all the Mikaelsons will be dead by the end of the night but he will never hurt Rebekah. Rebekah calls Klaus, telling him that Marcel wants him to stand trial for his actions, which he considered, but Elijah will not allow. Freya tells Klaus that she may have a way to cure the family but would require Klaus leaving the trial alive.

Now we see Klaus’ trial (possible flashback to a previous episode?), Marcel gives a run down of all Klaus’ turned vampires, to which Klaus remarks that what he did taught the world to fear him and kept his family safe. Marcel provokes Klaus and asks why he sired them if he was afraid to be alone. Marcel tells Klaus that for what he has done, he must pay.

We see Freya writing on a piece of parchment the names of the Originals—possibly to perform a linking spell like her mother before her. When Kol begins to become erratic and starts to attack Hayley, Elijah steps in to save her (keep your emotions in check man!).

Rebekah stops the trial, stating that her brother will not be condemned without her speaking on his behalf. Stating that his first instinct is to save his family, and when asking if anybody would do anything else, nobody replies. The curse starts to enact itself on Rebekah again, and while Marcel is asking if she hates him as much as anybody else there, she agrees, stating that she should tell the truth about Klaus. Rebekah states that she is envious to all the vampires, as they have broken free and she is still bound to him via the pact they made so long ago. After a flash into another scene, the episode flashes back to the trial.

Klaus states that Marcel is outraged by the loss off Davina, but got what she is coming to her, as does anybody who crosses him. Klaus insists that Davina’s death helped defeat Lucien so was worth it in the end. Klaus knows that the scales are still in his favour as he will die tasting just an inch of the pain he has inflicted upon the vampires. Rebekah reminds Marcel that he has the means to make him suffer—Tunde’s blade. At that point, Klaus is stabbed in the back with the blade, plunging him into a fate worse than death. It seemed as though Rebekah had betrayed Klaus, however, she was helping him stay alive.

Freya performs the ritual, linking each of the members of the Mikaelson family together, saving them all from their fates, but putting them to sleep like Klaus. This leaves the vampires and witches thinking that the Originals are all dead. Hayley and Hope leave town with the Mikaelsons. We flash to the mind of the Originals, all which seem to be in a dream-like state.Freya explains that—unlike we thought—the spell she used linked the family to Klaus’ life force, the same spell Dahlia used so long ago.

I like the fact that Freya is finally using something Dahlia taught her. Dahlia was always a favourite of mine, regardless what other fans think, she was such a great addition to the series and had such an impact on where the story went–plus, she made it possible for Esther (my absolute favorite character) to appear again.

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