‘The Originals’: Comic-Con Cast Interviews

Comic-Con TV
Comic-Con TV

The Originals is heading into a dark Season 4, with several Mikaelson lives in the balance. We chatted with star Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley), Charles Michael Davis (Marcel), Yusuf Gatewood (Vincent), Riley Voelkel (Freya), and Executive Producer Michael Narducci about starting the new season with a bang and the relationships to come in the future.

Joseph Morgan
[ooyala video=hodnIwNTE6EHVwLRW7QcYmsCx_avRxYn][/ooyala]

Daniel Gillies
[ooyala video=hsdnIwNTE65_0zeQqroTr2gSbUpo1FKi][/ooyala]

Phoebe Tonkin
[ooyala video=hkdnIwNTE6ozItK3d1XJiVsktSlx8x82][/ooyala]

Charles Michael Davis
[ooyala video=hidnIwNTE6u_FS9jkN0kUtRGfMzcLF3R][/ooyala]

Yusuf Gatewood
[ooyala video=ZudnIwNTE6TZGwK7VLQ-y9eSZ0jUghbS][/ooyala]

Riley Voelkel
[ooyala video=hmdnIwNTE61LTTop37YoEXU98RxTBETn][/ooyala]

Michael Narducci
[ooyala video=hqdnIwNTE6DL-YtTBwD0gzRXeguXrBp_][/ooyala]

Check out the panel highlights here:

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