One ‘Ship to Rule Them All: Ruby and Sapphire from ‘Steven Universe’

TV Animated Series
TV Animated Series

With Wikia’s Greatest Love of All Bracket Tournament starting up again, it’s only right that we give you more information to work with as you vote for that one couple to win. It happens in movies, books, TV and even in games, but opposites attracting is a common trope we don’t see getting old anytime soon. Our favorite couple from Steven Universe is a great example of a seemingly mismatched duo, but Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship is one of the strongest in our list. Read on to see why!


Steven meets Sapphire for the first time in "Jail Break"

Everything about Sapphire screams calm and patience, and this is represented by her light blue coloring and quiet demeanor. On Steven Universe, fans learned that she was once an aristocrat living on Homeworld as part of Blue Diamond‘s court. Sapphire looks very refined with her floor-length gown, and others usually think she is cold and distant because she doesn’t show too many emotions.

In reality, Sapphire is very compassionate and level-headed, but her precognitive powers make her seem indifferent to current events. Of course, her icy outer demeanor can’t stand up to her other half…


Rash, loud, and spontaneous, Ruby is Sapphire’s polar opposite, even in coloring (she is a dark red) and class (she was a common foot soldier). Unlike her counterpart, Ruby is very focused on the present, and her emotions are easily affected by the people around her. Her personality is extreme, but Ruby can be very caring — going above and beyond to protect the people she loves.

Ruby’s impulsiveness is actually a big factor in how the two got together.

How They Met

Season 2, Episode 22: Ruby and Sapphire's Fusion Song

Like any classic romance, the two met on the battlefield…sort of. Sapphire was part of a group of diplomats sent to Earth to investigate the rebels who were making it hard to colonize the planet. Ruby was one of the gems sent down to be her bodyguard. Sapphire’s precognitive powers revealed that she would die in this mission, but, when the time came and Pearl was about to kill her, Ruby refused to accept the outcome of Sapphire’s vision and jumped in to protect her, accidentally causing their first fusion into Garnet.

Furious at Ruby for stepping out of bounds, Blue Diamond was about to have her “broken,” but Sapphire intervened and ran away with her. Cue a super cute scene of them singing and fusing again to become Garnet. They’ve been together ever since, which means it’s been 5,750 years and counting!

Why We ‘Ship It

How can you not? Ruby and Sapphire’s fusion represents the most intimate bond shared between two beings, which literally makes their combined form as Garnet a physical embodiment of their love! In the series, fusion is looked down upon, so the fact that they’ve been fused for over 5,000 years — sharing thoughts and the same body — is a testament to the strength of their relationship. Although Ruby is more passionate and expressive, their attachment to each other is very obvious, and you can see that when they are apart. Separately, the two gems are forces to be reckoned with, but their fusion as Garnet makes them even more powerful.

Just watch the video below to hear Garnet sing about her relationship to Jasper, one of the gems who despises fusions and thinks Ruby and Sapphire are weak. Then you’ll understand why we love this couple.

Season 1, Episode 52: Garnet's Stronger Than You Song

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