One ‘Ship to Rule Them All: Monica and Chandler from ‘Friends’

Sharon Kehoe

In honor of our Greatest Love of All Bracket Tournament, where fans vote to crown the best couple in pop culture, we’re taking a closer look at some of our favorite competitors. We’ve already made cases for Steven Universe’s Ruby and Sapphire and Arrow’s Olicity, but this time we’re revisiting a relationship that has stood the test of time: Monica and Chandler from Friends.

Monica Geller


Monica is the best friend everyone needs in their life — welcoming, caring, and always has food. Through ten seasons of Friends, we were constantly reminded that Monica is the least favorite child of Jack and Judy Geller (the title of favorite belongs to Ross, the Miracle Baby) and was quite overweight back in the day. It’s not until over halfway through the series that we learn Chandler was the reason she decided to lose it all after she overheard him call her fat, and then took up cooking food rather than just eating it. As the hostess with the mostess and the undeniable mother hen of the group, Monica is the one you run to after a bad day, a great day, or a Wednesday. Her apartment door is always open (seriously, I think she locked it maybe twice for a few plot points), and there’s a warm lasagne ready in the oven.

Chandler Bing


Chandler might be the most popular friend on the internet, which is incredibly ironic since he was always considered a bit of a loser on the show. Regardless, Chanandler Bong is the must-have sarcastic pal you wish you had. He actually attempts telling no jokes for a week in one episode and almost dies (I’m being sarcastic, but I also believe it to be true). It’s mainly a defense mechanism for having a strange childhood and a dad that stars in a hit stage show called “Viva Las Gaygas.” Despite his joking nature, he is loyal to the core and will prove it to you (even if means living in a box). Although his love life can be summed up in two words – Janice and Unstable – we all knew that once Chandler settled down and accepted commitment, he’d be just fine.

How They Met

Their meeting is much different than when they actually hooked up. First, Ross brings his best friend, roommate, and bandmate Chandler to the Geller’s for Thanksgiving during college where he meets (fat) Monica for the first time. Fast forward many years later to when Ross and Emily get married in London.


While feeling lonely and depressed throughout the ceremony and reception, Monica seeks some comfort – and a little somethin’ else – in Chandler. What happens next is one of the greatest television surprises of all time (and I will fight you on that).


What started as a London fling quickly turns into a real-life love affair. Monica and Chandler keep it a secret for as long as they can, then drop the love-bomb on each other when Phoebe tries to seduce Chandler into admitting the relationship. The rest is history.


Why We ‘Ship It

Could they BE anymore perfect together? Monica is nurturing, patient (most of the time), and really good at doing adult things. Chandler is insecure, funny, and a child at heart. Together, they are a powerhouse duo of devotion, love, and happiness. Whatever makes Monica neurotic, Chandler can douse with a sweet sarcastic remark. Whatever makes Chandler doubtful, Monica can ease with the assurance that yes, she still loves him, and no, she won’t ever leave – even if Richard crashes the party.

Monica + Chandler = 4ever!


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