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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was a juggernaut in the gaming world in 2017. Its battle royale-style matches dominated the live-streaming space, and the game registered more than one and a half million concurrent players. But which moments ranked as the most OMG?

Rolling Cover

PUBG players are an inventive lot. Just watch this play by Evermore, who first uses a rolling car as cover, shoots out its tires to render it stationary while he heals up, then hops into a jeep and rolls over to the shack where his opponent is holed up. He then shoots the door of the shack to create an opening and lobs a grenade bullseye right through the hole he just created. It’s a true masterpiece of destruction.

Revenge From the Grave

Sure, you only have one life in a PUBG match, but sometimes dying is worth it to grief other players and get the last laugh.

Here, mammuTziano hides in a jeep placed conveniently at the outskirts of the military base. A player from an enemy squad sees it, hops in, and drives it to his friends without realizing mammuTziano is inside. By the time they realize they have a spy in their midst and eliminate him, mammuTziano pulls the pin on his grenade and takes the entire squad out as they try to loot him.

Shroud and Banana Man

PUBG’s emergent gameplay has created its share of strange characters, such as “Banana Man.” A yellow-clothed, high-voiced “stream sniper” who watched popular players’ livestreams to determine their location, Banana Man became a regular presence in the streams of Shroud, one of the game’s most popular personalities. The two eventually formed an unlikely partnership — which got them temporarily banned, since teaming with players outside your squad is against the rules of the game.

Evel Knievel

This last clip epitomizes the spontaneous insanity of PUBG. You’ve got two players fooling around on a motorcycle, simply looking to capture some major airtime. They launch off a rock and fly down toward the prison complex…where they promptly land on a player who just happened to run out of the building at that moment. The end result is one squashed player and one ultimate OMG PUBG moment.

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