QUIZ: Can You Complete Lady Olenna’s Most Savage Insults?

Lady Olenna Tyrell's quotations stung across the Seven Kingdoms. See if you can fill in the blanks on her most famous barbs.
Colette Smith
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The fork-tongued Lady Olenna Tyrell sure has a way with words. Her cutting insults helped earn her the title the Queen of Thorns and a place in fan’s hearts forever. While most Game of Thrones players use weapons to attack their enemies, the House Tyrell matriarch’s voracious appetite for vengeance has led to some seriously vicious verbal assaults.

Find out how well you know some of the best barbs and insults from Olenna Tyrell in this quiz.

After you’re done taking the quiz, check out how Lady Tyrell orchestrated one of the most game-changing moments on Game of Thrones — the death of Joffery Baratheon.

Colette Smith
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