NYCC: ‘Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell’ Gets Season 3 Release Date


The Adult Swim original series Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell made an appearance at New York Comic-Con, as part of Adult Swim’s three-hour panel block with Dream Corp LLC and Venture Bros. The panel included cast members Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and Matt Servitto (The Sopranos), with creators Dave Willis and Casper Kelly. They repeatedly and emphatically announced that season 3 will be airing on October 23rd, and were not shy about begging the audience to watch. Fans in the audience were also treated to an early screening of the first episode, which SPOILERS involves Satan impregnating Gary’s butt with his extra-powerful sperm and then Gary has to give birth to a demon baby out of his butt. Yes, in case you were worried, the show has not changed at all.

Kelly and Willis did tease some elements of the upcoming season. Dana Snyder, who previously played Gary’s roommate Lucas in the first season, will be returning in an entirely new role. He appeared in the screened episode as one of Gary’s demonic co-workers. There will also be several exciting guest appearances this season. Among those mentioned were Jon Glaser as a torture consultant, Andy Daly as the voice of Doctor Kevorkian’s computer, Dustin “Screech” Diamond as himself, and they also listed Adolf Hitler. They went on to tease plots for several upcoming episodes. One episode titled “Straight Out of Hades” will focus on Gary releasing a rap song. There will be an episode that focuses on women being integrated into Hell. There will also be an episode that deals with Hell freezing over.

In addition to teasing the upcoming plot elements, Kelly and Willis also talked about their original conception of the show. They discussed how different the show was from the pilot, which was conceived as a standalone special similar to Too Many Cooks. The original idea was a pair of men who were promised 72 virgins in Heaven, who then found themselves bored with nothing else to do for eternity. The fully evolved show came from them talking about the concept of Hell, and specifically how bad it must be to have to torture people for eternity. “It’s just as bad for the demon torturing someone as it is for the tortured soul.”

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