NYCC: Yetis Swarm New York City in ‘Expedition Unknown’ Event

Doug Trein

As a part of New York Comic Con festivities, The Travel Channel took over New York City on Tuesday to celebrate the upcoming premiere of the four-part special Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti. Dozens of yetis swarmed the streets to hand out free ice coffee while artists were hard at work sculpting life-sized ice sculptures in front of the flatiron building. A branded double-decker bus full of Yetis rolled into the Pedestrian Plaza at Flatiron for a dance party and photo opportunities!

Check out some hilarious photos of the event.
(Photo Credit: Doug Goodman for Travel Channel)

Expedition Unknown: Search for the Yeti Details

It is a legend as old as the Himalayas – a beast whose name is nervously whispered in high-altitude villages: Yeti. To some, it’s a towering monster; to others, a cryptozoological reality; and to some respected scientists, it may be the missing link, a precursor to modern man.

There is a vast litany of credible run-ins with this elusive creature and in 2007, Josh Gates joined the ranks of awestricken explorers when he discovered a series of mysterious footprints in the mountains of Nepal. The finding made international headlines and a casting of the footprint was donated to the Yeti Museum in Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where it remains on display. The question of who or what made that print has fascinated Gates ever since.

Now, he’ll stop at nothing to find out the truth. In the four-part special, Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti, Gates meets with world-renowned researchers, historians, and primatologists as he embarks on the mother of all expeditions through the Himalayas. Armed with the latest technology, he sets off on a multi-national quest through Nepal and Bhutan to follow-up on history’s most credible accounts, access ancient Yeti artifacts and investigate the most recent sightings in an effort to uncover the truth behind this mysterious creature.

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