NYCC: The ‘Outcast’ Panel Made ‘Outcast’ Look Awesome

Drew Dietsch

The editors will probably hate this, but this writer has to admit to never watching Outcast. The show, from The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, has flown under my radar. But, the panel at New York Comic Con changed that. Outcast is now one of the shows I’m most excited to check out. Why is that?

For starters, two of the main cast members are Reg. E Cathey and Brent Spiner. Cathey recently reasserted himself as a phenomenal actor in House of Cards, but to me, he’ll always be Norman from The Wire. He spoke about how much he loves playing Chief Byron Giles in Outcast and how season two allowed him to be “a bad motherf***er.” Meanwhile, Brent Spiner is the show’s villain. That made this Star Trek: The Next Generation fan perk up. Spiner said that Sidney has been one of the most complex and truly despicable characters he’s ever played. As someone who loves villains, the idea of Data being a bad guy sounds too good to pass up.

Then, we were treated to the trailer for the upcoming second season. Give it a watch!

The incredible sense of dread and truly bleak tone looks like something this writer can sink his teeth into. Considering that there’s some other exorcism show on television right now, Outcast looks like a much more complicated, atmospheric, and downright creepier tale. That is one of the joys of going to conventions: discovering something new to get excited about. Of all the unknown (to me) properties at New York Comic Con, nothing hooked me more than Outcast.

The second season doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but that gives me plenty of time to catch up. If you’re looking for some great horror television, Outcast is going to be a show that looks to be a winner. Okay, now that I’m done writing this, I’m off to watch the pilot.

Want to learn more about the Outcast characters from season one? Check out our detailed rundown here.

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