NYCC: ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Looks Like a Beast

John Wick was a surprise pop culture hit that no one could have expected. The sleek, stylish, and streamlined action flick won fans over with its tightly choreographed gunplay and mythical video game universe. The film was successful enough for a sequel to be made and fans couldn’t be happier. They also couldn’t be luckier because John Wick: Chapter 2 looks bigger and badder than its predecessor in every way. Check out the blood-pumping trailer now!

As you can see, John Wick’s world is expanding in pretty astounding ways. Screenwriter Derek Kolsted says that the sequel takes place four days after the events of the first film, and a lot of insanity is waiting for John. In the world of the assassins, there is something known as the Marker, a kind of blood oath that is being called in now that John Wick has decided to come out of retirement. Will Common’s hitman character be a part of this? It certainly seems so. Keanu Reeves himself promised that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the hierarchy of this assassin culture, including a mysterious upper echelon known as the High Table. John Wick’s trip to Rome is going to be very revealing as well as bloody.

But most importantly, we saw a behind the scenes look at how the action scenes were shot, and it’s more of the same but a whole lot bigger and crazier. Director Chad Stahelski says they killed over 80 Italians in the movie, to which Ian McShane said that no Italians were harmed in the making of the movie. Looks like the sequel will surpass the original film’s body count! Not to mention, everyone went bananas when Laurence Fishburne popped up on screen. A Matrix reunion!

Truth be told, the crowd was ridiculously excited just for Keanu Reeves’s appearance. His enthusiasm for John Wick was infectious, and when he prefaced the trailer by saying, “It f*ckin’ rocks!” and throwing up some horns, everyone felt that passion. Mark your calendars. John Wick: Chapter 2 cannot be missed on February 10.


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