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NYCC: ‘Black Sails’ Season 4 Looks Like an Explosive Conclusion

Black Sails has been something of a secret treasure for fans. The Starz show hasn’t gotten loads of attention from the mainstream, but it’s been satisfying fans for nearly half a decade. Unfortunately, the show has finally come to an end. However, it sounds like the creators and actors behind the show are all so thrilled about how it’s all concluding.

Everyone on the panel agreed that the story has really reached as far as it could go. All the actors glorified how excellent their arcs throughout this show had been, and that they all felt so satisfied with how their stories reach their finality. However, they were thrilled when a fan asked them if they would come back in a few years and do their take on Treasure Island, the book that inspired the show.

There’s quite a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season. Most of all, the death of Charles Vane looms heavily over the season. Every character has a point of view about his demise and will be acting upon that. We got to see a little bit of the first episode of season four and it is incredibly impressive. The episode begins with a breathtaking ship battle that would be welcome in any major motion picture. Not to mention an incredible underwater shot involving a character sinking to the bottom of the sea. Impressive stuff by any measure.

What really stood out at the panel was how fervently the fans admire this show for its dedication to history. There were more than a few disparaging remarks lobbed at that other pirate-themed franchise, and you can tell that these fans really love how believable the show can be.

Black Sails might be one of those shows like The Wire that most of us discover further down the line. Though now may be just the right time to discover what all the fervor is about. The final season of Black Sails premieres on January 29 on Starz.

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