Captains Log: ‘No Man’s Sky’ Postcards from Space

Nico Faraguna

Our No Man’s Sky Captain’s Log series is a fictional retelling of one player’s journey to the center of the universe. In this edition, we reflect on our captain’s journey, celebrating the beautiful planets and views using some of the most beautiful No Man’s Sky screenshots we could find on /r/NoMansSkyTheGame.

My journey has come to an end. It’s been an arduous star trek filled with adventure, sadness, and redemption. Starting out as a naive explorer, I had trouble adjusting to the new cultures that were forced upon me. Bit by bit, I learned the languages of several inhabitants of the galaxy and my homesickness dissipated. My trip to the center of the universe was a memorable experience that has defined my life. I’m not sure what I’ll do now. For the time being, it would be worthwhile to share some images I captured during my travels.

A Sunrise to Remember

Sunrise with an unexplored planet in the background. Image credit (venividivirgil)

I remember taking this image as I awoke in my ship after a long day of warp jumps and driving to random planets for resources. When I arrived on this particular planet it was very dark. With my overwhelming fatigue, I hadn’t noticed the surroundings. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to such a spectacular view.

This pic was taken just a few days after acquiring my warp drive — I remember it calming me immensely after a rough start to my journey.

Ha Long Bay in Space

My travels on my home planet took me to every nook and cranny of the Earth. To be honest, Earth doesn’t have that many wondrous sights compared to most other planets I’ve visited. However, those it has are still some of the most beautiful in the universe. One particular place this image reminds me of is the majestic Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam. Karsts jut out from the seafloor and make for a fantastical landscape where mountains and oceans meet. It was a pleasure to meander through the water and look up at these magnificent rocks looming over me.

Far Away From Home

I met up with another explorer while on this planet. I admired his ship and noticed it would make a great image. Image credit (Indevotion)

This image reminded me how far away I was from home. The two distant planets in the background and the floating fauna made it apparent that I was the alien. This was also around the time that I was looking to buy a new ship and had taken an interest in that of my acquaintance.

Exotic Flora

The flora was overwhelming but so beautiful. Image credit (VisionaireX)

The image above elicits some anxiety for me. This was the first time that I found the flora to be more intimidating than the fauna. The towering alien plants and eccentric designs made me sure to be cautious around them. Would they spew some toxic gas cloud like I had encountered on other planets? Are they carnivorous? I didn’t want to find out. I did know that they were photogenic and I wanted them to be captured for others to see.

Monolith and a Nebula

It’s hard for me to explain the feelings that this image elicits for me. To be honest, I remember casually making my way over to a Monolith listed on my radar. After experiencing an odd interaction with the Vy’Keen monolith, a strange euphoric sensation took over my body as I looked up and saw the beautiful nebula in the distance. It was a moment of catharsis and the most profound experience from my long journey. I cannot explain way, but I always look back at the moment as an affirmation to my adventure’s purpose.

Like our family and friends that make us sit through grueling slideshows of their vacation photos, I appreciate you taking the time to allow me to share mine with you. I’m sad that my journey has come to a close. While my discovery of the center of the universe was life-changing, it’s the events preceding it that will stick with me the most.

See you soon, Space Cowboys!

Nico Faraguna
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