Captain’s Log: ‘No Man’s Sky’ Creatures and Plant Life

Nico Faraguna

Our No Man’s Sky Captain’s Log series is a fictional retelling of one player’s journey to the center of the universe. In this edition, we explore No Man’s Sky animals and plant life. The universe in No Man’s Sky is quite a diverse place, and the flora and fauna you encounter on your travels are just as diverse, interesting, and — at times — pretty weird.

Captains Log: Euclid Galaxy; Year 2247 – Fauna System – Planet: New Madagascar

My journey has taken an unexpected turn recently. Since the purchase of my new spacecraft, I’ve been relentlessly pursuing the ultimate goal of my adventure — reaching the center of the universe. It’s been an arduous task that has left me fatigued and the veneer of my lust towards the new ship I’ve bought has started to wear off. It’s spacious hull has started to feel more like a prison hurdling through space. The autopilot has been a curse and a blessing — taking me to the far reaches of the galaxy, but hindering my chance to explore some unknown wonders.


I cannot recall the last time I’ve spent more than a day on a planet that was not strictly for business. To quote an old phrase, I haven’t spent enough time to “stop and smell the roses.” I’ve told myself that center of the universe isn’t going anywhere. There’s no rush. It’s time for some rest and relaxation. It’s time for a vacation.

Scouting the Region

Taking my Hichidak S41 out of warp, I figured that visiting the nearest off-world trading post would be my best bet to get some advice for what’ around me. Luckily for me, it turns out I dropped out of warp in Vy’Keen territory and should have no difficulties getting some recommendations for somewhere to explore.

After quickly popping into the station, the helpful Vy’Keen host gave me a slew of options nearby that may be of interest. The one recommendation that stood out the most was a high flora/fauna planet located several systems away. By far the farthest planet from the list he provided, he assured me that it was a “must do” and I wouldn’t regret the journey.

Convinced, I loaded some warp cells into my drive and climbed back into my vessel to endure a longer drive than I wanted. I tried to distract myself by playing some 21st-century video games on my console to pass the time. One game, in particular, grabbed my interest. It was a space exploration and survival simulator not unlike my own journey. All I knew about the game was that at the time people were extremely excited to play it, thinking it would be the last game they would ever need. Apparently, this wasn’t the case, and when the game came out, many were extremely disappointed. Weird. Anyway, I started to approach the planet and turned off the console for now.

Initial Landing

I hoped the planet it was as lush as he described to me and I looked forward to exploring its residents and exotic plants. Upon landing on the foreign planet, it became quite clear that the Vy’Keen outpost master was accurate with his description. A pack of small creatures immediately greeted me. These creatures reminded me of an armadillo, a shelled-rodent type creature that lives in Earth’s Americas. Fascinated by these cute, playful creatures, I had hardly managed to look up to take in the landscape.

Overwhelmed would be an understatement — an assortment of creatures filled the horizon and I quickly fumbled to get my bio-scanner functional to identify as many as I could. My device listed a total of 10 unique species and I quickly identified a whopping 9 of them within my first 30 minutes on the surface. Luckily for me, all of the creatures that I had discovered were docile and quite friendly. Feeding them brought a smile to my face and all of the pent up stress I had incurred from my travels started to slowly melt away.

Exploring the Planet

After spending time with my new friends, I wanted to see more of the planet and collected some belongings for a hike along a nearby crest. The same creatures I encountered at my ship’s landing site were still all around me on my trek and I began to wonder if I would be able to find the tenth animal that supposedly lives on this planet. What once started as just a thought soon became an obsession. I just had to find that tenth creature. Was it insane to dedicate an indefinite amount of time on my vacation to hunting one creature? I started to question my reasoning but concluded that if I’m enjoying my time spent trekking on this beautiful planet, I should entertain such curiosities.

The Search for the Elusive Creature Continues

It’s been seven days since my arrival here on New Madagascar and I have yet to find the elusive creature. Speaking with some of the low-ranking Vy’Keen officials I ran into on the planet, they too heard rumors of a creature that hides in the lowland jungles of the planet, but they themselves have not seen it firsthand. It’s no surprise really, the jungles are incredibly dense here. If a creature wanted to stay concealed, it would have many hiding options. I spent two nights in a jungle about three clicks north of my ship trying to search for the elusive species and I don’t even know if I was close. The foliage interfered with my scanner and I’m sure my presence wading through the tall bushes and slashing my way through thick vines gave the creature plenty of time to avoid me.

Moving On

No Mans Sky Creatures

While I never did find that creature, my time spent on New Madagascar was exactly what I needed to recharge my battery. Spending time with the friendly animals and stretching my legs on hikes allowed me to enjoy exploring again. While my journey to the center of the universe is still an ongoing mystery, it’s humbling to know that even on planets like New Madagascar, there are tiny mysteries hiding in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered.

Nico Faraguna
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