No Elizabeth Shaw in ‘Alien: Covenant’

Drew Dietsch

It’s becoming clearer that Alien: Covenant, the sequel to the incredibly divisive Prometheus, is going to be softly rebooting a lot of elements from the previous film. This has become even more apparent with today’s news concerning Prometheus‘ lead character, Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace.

Director Ridley Scott has officially announced that Rapace will not be returning in Alien: Covenant. Since we know that the story of Alien: Covenant will involve David (Michael Fassbender), the android who was just a decapitated head at the end of Prometheus, it begs the question of how Alien: Covenant will write off the leading lady of Prometheus.


There’s also the possibility that Scott’s comment is meant as a smokescreen to conceal an eventual appearance from Shaw. Scott has said that Alien: Covenant is supposed to function as the first in a new trilogy of Alien films. Is it possible that Shaw is being kept under wraps in order for her to be a kickoff to the following film?

If Shaw really is gone from the story, it’s going to be a tough sell to fans. Alien 3 famously killed off two beloved characters from Aliens in its title sequence, and that was met with near universal disdain. Will fans feel the same way about Shaw’s disposal? From a narrative standpoint, it will be disappointing for Shaw’s arc to remain unresolved. The ending of Prometheus showed her to be fully engaged in her quest to find the Engineers and hold them responsible for their actions. If that’s the last we ever see of Shaw, it will be a limp end to a very strong character.

Here’s hoping this is a clever way to distract fans from a surprise appearance. If Alien: Covenant is a reboot of sorts, then Shaw might be the first casualty. At least we’ve still got David.

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Drew Dietsch
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