Nintendo Switch Stream – Where to Watch It on Jan. 12

Nintendo fans were excited when the company finally unveiled the System Formerly Known As NX. The Nintendo Switch’s features of a portable/handheld combo, different controller setups, and even a brand new Mario Nintendo Switch game got people talking. There have been limited new details on the machine since, outside of Jimmy Fallon getting to play it. Today, Nintendo shared with gamers a new update via their Twitter account.

When and Where to Watch it

Nintendo had earlier said the world wouldn’t know the Nintendo Switch launch date, price, and more until the middle of January. Now we know exactly that the stream will be on Jan. 12, beginning at 8 PM PT (meaning 11 PM East Coast, and 4 AM GMT on Jan. 13). The official Switch website will host the stream, though it won’t be alone. If this is like most Nintendo Direct streams, you can also expect it to live stream on Nintendo’s YouTube and Twitch accounts as well, so stake those out if you prefer those services.

Why is the Nintendo Direct reveal happening so late at night/early in the morning for western fans? Perhaps because in the time zone of Nintendo’s home office in Japan it’ll be 1 PM, meaning most of their Japanese base will be able to watch it during the day. Were the stream to happen midday in the US, it’d be late at night in Japan. The current timing opens up the widest range of viewership outside of Europe, a region that — historically speaking — hasn’t purchased as many Nintendo consoles as Asia and the Americas.

The timing of the video also fits with Nintendo's plans the Switch's first press demos. Multiple gaming press folks will be attending an event on Jan. 13 to get their first hands-on with the Switch, and now they'll be coming into the event with all the facts about launch day. So be sure to set a reminder for yourself to check Fandom the second week of 2017, because we're going to have tons of new info on the Nintendo Switch.

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