Fandom Reacts to Nintendo Switch’s Retro-Themed New Releases

Games Nintendo
Games Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch just rolled into its second week of existence, and now features a host of new releases on the eShop. But this collection of games carries a common theme: retro. While Blaster Master Zero looks like an old game, it’s actually a reboot of the 1988 NES classic of the same name (sans Zero).

The other selections all hail from the Neo-Geo console, which mostly made itself famous in the ’90s for the price of its games—which often cost just as much as competing consoles. Anyone interested in looking into these classics will find Metal Slug 3, World Heroes Perfect, King of Fighters ’98, Waku Waku 7, NAM-1975, and Shock Troopers waiting for them.

For a deeper look at this week’s eShop releases, Fandom editors Bob Mackey and Jack DeVries sat down to discuss which of these blasts from the past are worth your money.

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