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‘The Night Of’ Uncorks an Official Trailer

A young man, Nasir Khan is looking forward to a party. He never reaches the party. He becomes an accidental taxi driver for a beautiful young woman who needs a friend. Their night together takes a deadly turn. He awakens to find her dead and is subsequently arrested. His defense attorney advises him to “shut it.” He does not want Nasir to talk to anyone. But is it too late? Has he already fed the police information that will land him in prison? Mysteries abound in the basic hook for The Night Of, and so many questions will have to be answered. The final trailer for HBO’s latest limited series has finally arrived.

Episode 1, “The Beach,”  is sharp and makes you wonder what happened. Nasir appears to be a calm and mild mannered young man who would not be capable of murder. Subsequent episodes examine the police investigation and legal aspects of the fictitious murder case that must be at least tangentially inspired by the approach laid out in the now legendary podcast Serial. With news that True Detective wouldn’t be returning, this may be just what the doctor ordered.

The Night Of is a limited series is created by Steven Zailian and Richard Price. It stars John Turturro, Riz Ahmed, and is directed by Zallian and James Marsh. It premieres on HBO Sunday, July 10 at 8:00 CST on HBO. Part 1 is available on HBO GO, HBO NOW, and HBO ON DEMAND.

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