The Newest Twist to the Survivor Hidden Immunity Idol

Noah V

After 16 years and 31 seasons, Survivor has added a new twist to the Hidden Immunity Idol, which should make for some interesting drama. The Hidden Immunity Idol was introduced back in Survivor: Guatemala where the original concept was to allow contestants to protect themselves before the vote by using the totem. It then changed several times over the next few seasons to the rules that we have today.

Now in season 32, Kaôh RōngSurvivor (my look at the cast) is going to go back to their “bag of tricks”. The new version of the Hidden Immunity Idol will have two effects:

The first effect is the effect that been in effect since Survivor: Fiji: The Hidden Immunity Idol must be played after the votes are cast, but before the votes are read to the contestants at Tribal Council. The person that the Hidden Immunity Idol is played on will have all of their votes nullified and the person with the next highest amount of votes would be voted out instead.

The second effect is when you combine two idols together, they will create a “Super Idol”.


Now if you are asking what is this Super Idol, it’s the “Idol with Special Powers” from Survivor: Cagayan also known as the “Tyler Perry Idol” by the fans. This Idol was also in play on Survivor: Panama – Exile Island and Survivor: Cook Islands. All Idols this season will be shaped like one half of the yin yang, not the tribe Yin Yang from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.  One side of the yin yang, or one Idol, will feature the tribe insignia for that tribe. Once two Idols are collected, they will merge to become the Super Idol.

As of this moment we don’t have an idea how these two Idols connect or the rules on how or when you can connect the Idols. We only know the basics of the rules and how they work. But if last year’s Survivor: Cambodia set a tone with the Hidden Immunity Idol, Kaôh Rōng should be interesting to see.

Noah V
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