Update: New ‘Overwatch’ Insurrection Event Trailer Leaked

Bob Mackey

Update 2: Thanks to our friends at PlayStation France jumping the gun, we’ve got our hands on the reveal of the next Overwatch event right now. Ripped straight from the official YouTube account, here’s your first look at the Insurrection event.

Not only do we get our first looks at the cast in their new blue outfits, but we also got our first look at what must be the special PVE battle the new content has to offer. Now that this footage is out there, keep an eye out for Blizzard to officially announce it soon, and we’ll update this piece again when that happens.

Update 1: The latest Overwatch skins seemed to have leaked online ahead of the official reveal – as is becoming the norm with Overwatch-related content.

Imgur user, raulrsd, has posted images from their own Xbox One dashboard, which seem to show Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt and Torbjorn in the new skins. These skins are actually the same as those seen in the recent Overwatch Uprising comic, as you’ll see below.

Overwatch skins leak
Imgur user, raulrsd, seems to have spotted the skins ahead of time

Original Story:

Without a doubt, skins amount to the best possible prize to find in an Overwatch loot box. And Blizzard’s special events have generated the best skins to date—for those of us lucky enough to win them, that is. With the next event coming up in less than a week (April 11), we can only wonder what bizarre or stylish outfits we’ll be able to stick their characters in next.

Blizzard hasn’t revealed much about the April Overwatch event, but the game’s newest motion-comic could point to several of the new skins that will be available soon. Titled “Uprising,” this new comic stars a good chunk of the Overwatch cast showing off new duds during the Omnic Crisis, a pre-game event. Let’s check out some of them below.

Soldier: 76 and Ana in blue militaristic garb quite of few of the characters wear throughout “Uprising.”

A nearly-naked Genji trains against Tracer in a black skinsuit.

Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Tracer, and Mercy all wearing similar blue outfits.

Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Tracer, and Mercy all wearing similar blue outfits.

It’s important to note that the event starting on April 11 will directly relate to the “Uprising” comic, according to an official tweet from the official Overwatch Twitter account:

Since this event apparently deals with the Omnic Crisis, this could be the first time Overwatch embraces its backstory instead of relegating it to quips between characters and outside materials like comics and short films.

In any case, Overwatch hasn’t even been out for a year and we’ve already seen a surprising amount of worthwhile free content. It’s been months since the last big event, so hopefully this one will be worth the wait. Be sure to check back with Fandom for coverage of Overwatch’s next event when it launches on April 11.

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