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New Xbox Models Coming Soon

A recent news report from Kotaku from an unidentified source claims Microsoft will be releasing two new Xbox One models in the coming year. While a cheaper, thinner version should come as no surprise — a slim Xbox One has been rumored for some time — the launch of a more powerful updated Xbox One is legitimately exciting.

According to Kotaku’s sources, Microsoft plans to work with Oculus Rift to make the updated Xbox One VR ready. Codenamed “Scorpio,” this model should launch sometime in 2017, with a significant boost to its GPU. It stands as a direct answer to Sony’s NEO PS4.5 model, an attempt to increase the power of the PS4.

The news cements virtual reality as a growing space for games on the consoles. With Morpheus coming later this year, Microsoft needs an a high-profile partnership of its own if it wants to jump on the VR bandwagon.

We may be excited for two updated consoles, but details about both systems remain slim. We still don’t know from either console maker how they’ll handle development requirements to satisfy the demand for 4K without leaving behind players on the original systems. And that’s to say nothing of cost.

You can expect to hear more from both Sony and Microsoft at E3 in a few months. We will be there live when Microsoft and Sony kick off their press conferences on Monday, June 13. Be sure to check back on for more information as it becomes available.

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Jorge Albor
Jorge Albor

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