New Wolverine Film ‘Logan’ Poster Released

Kitty Bates

Logan, the latest film to come out of Marvel, and the third solo film featuring X-Men mutant Wolverine, is set to be released on March 3 next year. Although little is known at the moment, a new poster and a few details regarding the story have just been revealed.

The new poster shows Wolverine’s hand, claws out, being held by another person’s hand, of which we don’t know who. No clues were given, but plenty of scratches on his arms imply that it might not be a particularly happy ending.

Logan new poster

Script Details (NSFW)

Director James Mangold also tweeted a photo of page two of the screenplay (NSFW).

For X-Men fans hoping for a darker, meatier film, this look likes it could provide all the goodies. The main italicised section reads:

“Now might be a good time to talk about the ‘fights’ described in the next 100 or so pages. Basically, if you’re on the make for a hyper-choreographed, gravity defying, city-block destroying CG fuckathon, this ain’t your movie.

In this flick, people will get hurt or killed when shit falls on them. They will get just as hurt or killed when shit falls on them. They will get just as hurt or just as killed if they get hit with something big and heavy like, say, a car. Should anyone in our story have the misfortune to fall off a roof or out a window, they won’t bounce. They will die.

As for our hero, well, he’s older now and it’s clear his abilities aren’t what they once were. He’s fading on the inside and his diminished healing factor keeps him in a constant state of chronic pain – hence booze as a painkiller.”

For now, we can gather that this film will be stripped right back with some real hardcore action scenes. It will be interesting to see how Logan acts now he is getting older, weaker and not doing very well. All we can say is let’s not get too excited for another X-Men film with Wolverine in it because this film doesn’t look positive.

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