New ‘Witcher 3’ Trailer Showcases Trouble in Paradise

What better way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s 2015 release than with a trailer showcasing the beautiful — and undoubtedly terrifying — new location from the upcoming “Blood and Wine” expansion? 

Check out the trailer below:

At first glance, Toussaint might seem like the perfect place to sheathe your sword and relax. As the narrator calmly says in the beginning of the latest trailer, the area — which rivals the sprawling Velen in size — is full of simple folk leading simple lives who “work the fields, peddle their goods, and tend to the vineyards, making the finest wines this side of the Pontar.” Images of the kindly townsfolk working happily, drinking plentifully, and engaging in general merriment abound.

You have to ask yourself, however, why Geralt of Rivia, our intrepid Witcher, would have any reason to descend upon this veritable paradise? He doesn’t seem like the kind of fellow who takes time off for a respite in wine country.

Our questions are all too abruptly answered: a nightmare creature is terrorizing the otherwise peaceful land, causing general havoc and stalking innocent civilians in the night. A few segments of the trailer look quite a bit like survival horror — it’s going to be exciting to see what direction the gameplay takes in “Blood and Wine.”


Speaking of gameplay, CD Projekt Red promises a whole bunch of it: Toussaint will provide players with an incredible 20-30 hours of gameplay. Talk about bang for your buck.

The expansion will be available for download on May 31. CD Projekt Red has stated this is the last batch of new content they’re cooking up for The Witcher 3, so get prepared for your long good-bye to Geralt and company.

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