Strange New Teaser Appears for ‘Watch Dogs 2’

Ubisoft has released a strange trailer teasing the June 8 unveiling of Watch Dogs 2. Check out the video below:

Strange, right? What is this unidentified phone user up to and how are they so adept at using their phone without looking at it? What is going on in the background? If the first Watch Dogs is any indication, this person – potentially Aiden Pierce, the first game’s protagonist – is likely in the process of hacking the city, wreaking urban havoc to tackle cybercrime and petty theft head on. Or something like that.

The first Watch Dogs managed to sell a substantial number of copies despite a lukewarm reception from critics. At E3 2014, Ubisoft SVP of Sales and Marketing Tony Key claimed the game’s sales confirmed the brand’s staying power, and in 2015, we learned via a leak that a sequel was in development. I’m hoping Watch Dogs 2 expands on the first game’s undeniably intriguing presence – hopefully, Ubisoft Montreal’s increased experience developing for the current console generation and lessons learned from the first game’s development will help the game make the jump from “acceptable” to “excellent,” quality-wise.

Fans can learn more about the game and everything it entails on Thursday, June 8 at 6pm over at

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