New NSFW Trailer for ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season Two

Drew Dietsch

Alright, you primitive screwheads. Listen up! Ash vs Evil Dead is one of the most enjoyable things since the invention of television. The show is a gleeful distillation of everything fans love about Sam Raimi‘s twisted trilogy, and we’ve been eager to see what next season has in store. Well, load up your boomsticks and get ready to swallow this teaser for the second season.

Warning: This is very gory.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Teaser This October, we’re serving up some sugar with a side of blood. The Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 teaser is here and it’s awesome.

Posted by Ash vs Evil Dead on Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Looks like Ash vs Evil Dead will get even gorier and goopier in its second outing. You know that makes me one happy Deadite. The madcap tone looks like it hasn’t gone anywhere. Ash having to fight off a carnivorous intestinal tract? Perfection. Not to mention a nice nod to one of The Evil Dead‘s peers, Re-animator. I also can’t help but smile when I see Bruce Campbell riding a mechanical bull. That man is a damn treasure.

After the grisly but well-made remake from 2013, it’s been refreshing to see the series go back to its cartoony roots and bask in some juvenile fun. Knowing that we could get a season of this for the next few years makes October look even brighter. I’d much prefer this to the pretentiousness of American Horror StoryAsh vs Evil Dead is my kind of Halloween candy. And with news that Ted Raimi and Lee Majors (!) will be joining the cast, my sweet tooth is achin’ something plenty.

Ash vs Evil Dead will get a jump start on September 23 before settling into every horror fan’s favorite month. That just gives me more time to polish my chin and practice my cheesy one-liners. Hail to the king, baby.

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