New ‘The Tick’ Trailer Is a Gift That You Need to Unwrap Right Now

Drew Dietsch
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The Tick is one of the funniest comic book heroes ever invented. Creator Ben Edlund’s sendup of superhero stories has been adapted twice – once as an animated show and once as a short-lived live-action show – but the new Amazon series looks like it’s going to be something special. Check out the first trailer and get ready to laugh like a hyena on nitrous oxide.


Peter Serafinowicz is killing it as The Tick. This isn’t exactly news since Amazon released a pilot episode last year. We saw Serafinowicz back then and knew he was perfect for the role. His smarmy charm is in full force. Get ready to hear a whole bunch of quotes from him from your friends. I can’t stop laughing at, “Murder… it’s just not cool!”

It’s also great to see the costumes of these characters realized so well. The 2001 series was a blast but it also made use of its cheap aesthetic. There are outfits in this new show that are good enough to be in a feature film. I’m especially digging Arthur’s costume.

The Tick has always been something of a niche character but that had a lot to do with the state of superheroes in pop culture. Now that superheroes have become the focal point for so much of our popular fiction, The Tick’s sendup of the genre will likely resonate with a wider audience. I hope so because this is a property that deserves to be very popular. It’s humorous, sometimes oddly dark, but always delightful and well-written.

The first season of The Tick will drop on Amazon Prime on August 25. Now, all I have to hope for is that the Tick says his most popular catch-phrase. It’s a battle cry that strikes fear into the hearts of evil-doers everywhere. I’m talking about…

Drew Dietsch
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