New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer Gets Serious

Drew Dietsch
Movies Star Trek
Movies Star Trek

The new Star Trek series has a lot of expectations to meet after the divisive response to the last entry, Star Trek Into Darkness. The filmmakers involved with the next installment, Star Trek Beyond, have promised that the tone of the original show will be more present this time around. Paramount has just released a new trailer for the film and you can give it a look here:

[ooyala video=AwOHZtMzE6UC3WBdBeap2oIvSlymNg-U][/ooyala]

After the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond was met with some unease due to its choice of musical backing, it makes a lot of sense that Paramount would make their next bit of marketing a little more serious in tone. There are pros and cons to this approach. While it certainly reinforces how uniformly gorgeous this movie looks — that shot of the Enterprise traveling at light speed is the best image these new movies has produced — it doesn’t feel quite as momentous as it thinks it does. Seeing the Enterprise destroyed should be a devastating event, but that was literally the poster for the very last film. I preferred the breezy swashbuckling tone of the first trailer to this Inception-esque blast of self-imposed importance.

However, there are tons of moments in this trailer that have me as giddy as an ensign drunk on Romulan ale. It may have taken three films to get to this place, but the crew of the Enterprise is finally going where no one has gone before. The images that we’ve seen of these new lifeforms – particularly Idris Elba’s villainous Krall and Sofia Boutella’s mysterious Jaylah – have been a blast. I especially enjoy the enemy soldiers that board the Enterprise in this trailer.

Hopefully, the finished movie has more in common with the last scene of this trailer — which is genuinely funny — than the doomy feel the rest of the ad gives off. Even though the last film was repellant to me, I still find this iteration of these characters thoroughly enjoyable. It looks like this cast may have finally gotten an adventure worthy of their time.

Star Trek Beyond energizes into theaters on July 22.

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