The New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Title (Updated)

Brandon Marcus
Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

UPDATE (April 12, 2016): The title for the MCU Spider-Man movie has been officially unveiled at CinemaCon, along with a new logo treatment (seen below): Spider-Man: Homecoming.


PREVIOUSLY POSTED (April 5, 2016): Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a new Spider-Man movie coming out. After years of sub-par films, Spidey is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans couldn’t be more excited. But what will the movie be like and what will it be called? While the plot is obviously being kept under wraps, we might have an idea for the movie’s title.

Apparently Marvel registered the domain Spider-Man: Homecoming, that doesn’t sound too bad at all. This suggests that the movie will either focus on Peter Parker’s first high school dance or, more likely, it’ll be heavily influenced by the Homecoming comic book storyline from the ’80s. That storyline featured appearances from Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. A few years ago, an appearance from any of those heroes in a Spider-Man film would be a pipe dream. Now that Marvel is producing the film, it’s very possible that they’ll be popping up to help Spidey. Marvel has hinted that other superheroes will be appearing in the new Spider-Man films — this is a shared universe after all. The thought of Iron Man or Falcon or Black Widow swooping in to assist Peter Parker as he battles villains sounds like cinematic gold.

Will the movie share other similarities with the Homecoming comic arc? That story featured the black suit that eventually became Venom so there’s ample material to work with. We will see. We just hope that the new series allows time for the stories and character to evolve naturally and don’t jam everything together in the first film.

Spider-Man (2)

Whatever the movie is called, people have high hopes. The short glimpse of Tom Holland in costume (seen above) in the Captain America: Civil War trailer was very well received. The suit looks good, the voice sounds right, smart people are in charge of the franchise. The pieces are in place for an exciting return to form for Spider-Man on the big screen.

Will the movie be titled Spider-Man: Homecoming or is Marvel just buying tons of domains to cover their bases? Time will tell. The movie could have any title as long as it’s good. Fans want — and deserve — a good Spider-Man movie again.

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