The New ‘Rogue One’ Poster is Here!

Nick Nunziata
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

There’s a new Star Wars movie coming out. That is not an exclusive. Here at the Star Wars Celebration in London, a host of little bits of data fell from the sky into the hands of fans. Because of that, Fandom will be covering all of them but the first big reveal is the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story poster. It’s a unique one-sheet, one which illustrates just how singular these “anthology” films are. Have a look:


Fans are in a much different world now. This image almost feels like a painting ripped from a history book with its beachfront battle unfolding and naturalistic color palette. Thanks to the generosity of Lucasfilm, four thousand people are walking the convention with a rolled-up version of this image. It’s the latest step in bringing Gareth Edwards‘ specific vision to the screen. The artwork is not filled with floating heads and isn’t busy. No character is focal. This approach to marketing, as well as the trailer they released earlier in the year, showcases the divide between the sequels and the standalone films.

A Rebellion Built on Hope

The tagline on the poster also takes a different approach. There’s not some iconic and aggressive dictum at play but rather something that conveys the struggle the characters face. Even in A New Hope, the odds are nearly insurmountable but that is after they’ve acquired the Death Star plans. Rogue One doesn’t have that luxury so the “war film” vibe makes perfect sense. In the sizzle reel shown at Celebration, audiences got a glimpse of the sequence shown in this poster. Filmed in the Maldives, it’s an interesting balance between the horror of combat and the breathtaking beauty of the region.

The movie is less than a half year away but a whole new set of questions regarding the content have arisen. One thing is consistent among all Star Wars films. They know how to keep us wanting more.

Nick Nunziata
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