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New ‘Pikmin’ Announced For Nintendo 3DS

During Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct event, the company unveiled a new Pikmin title coming to the 3DS. The currently unnamed title really changes things up for the formerly console exclusive series. Just what’s so different about Pikmin 3DS?

This new side-scrolling Pikmin game follows longtime protagonist Olimar as he explores another strange, wild planet with the help of ant-like Pikmin. Only now he does it in a 2D sidescroller, as seen in Nintendo Direct’s early build of Pikmin 3DS. This time around, throwing Pikmin is as easy as tapping the screen. And just as before, the friendly creatures help Olimar cross obstacles, destroy enemies, and collect important items.

Pikmin 3DS Reveal

Footage of the game showed off three of the classic Pikmin: Red, Blue, and Yellow. As in previous entries, Red Pikmin are resistant to fire and can stamp out burning flames. Blue Pikmin breathe without fear underwater. Yellow Pikmin can be thrown to higher locations and are immune to electric shock. The game utilizes the dual screens of the 3DS at once, with levels spanning across both displays. The title received few details after the initial reveal, but was described as being developed with “action in mind.”

Pikmin 3DS is set for release sometime in 2017, and by then we’ll likely know what its actual name is.

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