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New ‘Phoenix Wright’ Coming to Nintendo 3DS in September

Enthusiastic lawyer Phoenix Wright will be returning to the Nintendo 3DS this fall, in an eShop only release titled Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, set to release this September. The clunky, long-winded title is par for the course for the series, which centers on the eponymous attorney as he tackles cases and solves puzzles.

The Japanese box art for Spirit Justice. The US release will be digital-only.

This new installment seems to center on a court in the Far East called “The Court of Reservation,” where an antiquated justice system bars the use of lawyers in court. Of course, Phoenix Wright won’t let that stand.

Our Ace Attorney serves as a “visiting lawyer,” who does battle with the Khura’inese Royal Priestess’ “power of spirit communion,” which threatens the fate of a seemingly innocent young defendant. There seems to be a spiritual angle to all of this, including an incense that allows the court to view a person’s memories.

Check out the trailer below:

This is the first time in the series where players will jump between two different locales. Previous Ace Attorney games took place in Los Angeles while Spirit of Justice has players switching between Phoenix Wright in Khura’in and Apollo Justice in L.A.

The Ace Attorney Wiki has a ton of information about the new game based on their experience with the Japanese version — head there to learn more but be mindful of SPOILERS!

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