New Pennywise Pic from ‘It’ Is Iconic Nightmare Fuel

Drew Dietsch

It could be a game changer. Stephen King’s landmark novel is considered the Bible for many horror fans. If New Line is able to pull off a great adaptation, It could make some real waves for horror films. A trailer recently ran at SXSW and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Now, we’ve got a peek at one of the most iconic moments from the story.

Check out this creepy image of Pennywise the Clown as he lures George Denbrough to his inevitable demise.

stephen king it pennywise sewer

I’ve been very skeptical about this movie – It is my favorite horror novel of all time – but this is pretty effective. Bill Skarsgard looks appropriately terrifying in this shot and the tone of the picture seems just right. We’re waiting for that trailer to hit the web any minute now. once it does, we’ll have a much better idea of what this version will be like. Reports have been coming in that it doesn’t shy away from the brutal and horrific nature of the story. This is a tale about children being murdered. It’s hard not to approach that in a grisly fashion.

A lot of people are nostalgic for the 1990 miniseries starring Tim Curry as the villainous clown. That version has its merits but it also had to hold back on the violence and horror a bit. This new movie doesn’t have to worry about that. Hopefully, that freedom will lead to an adaptation that honors the source material.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for that incoming trailer. Until then, start getting excited about It. I was bummed on this movie for a long time but I’m finally starting to feel some hope. It will hit theaters on September 8.

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