New ‘Paragon’ Hero, Open Beta and Upcoming Changes Announced

Epic Games unveiled some big changes, a new hero, and, at last, an Open Beta for Paragon, their upcoming third-person MOBA.

First up is this creepy trailer for Khaimera, a somewhat terrifying melee fighter dual-wielding immense axes. League of Legends fans might see the likeness of Olaf in Khaimera, and not just because they have shared affection for the double-axe combo. As a purely melee hero, Khaimera looks like a significant threat in the jungle with an aggressive leap and what looks like a fearsome ability to stick to opponents until they’ve been put down. Look for surprise attacks from the beast.

Along with the new character, Epic unveiled the upcoming Draft mode, which will let players pick and ban character before each match. This is a huge step forward for establishing Paragon‘s competive mode. They’re also completely removing  Passive abilities and basic attack leveling, both of which “did not provide as much depth or strategic value as initially envisioned.” This should go a long way towards streamlining the experience for new players.

You can read their full update here and watch their patch rundown below.

Have these changes got you excited? Look out the Paragon open beta coming August 16!

What ‘Paragon’ Needs to Be an Esport

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