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New ‘Paragon’ Hero Kwang Revealed

In what has become their custom #Every3Weeks, Epic Games gave us a sneak peek at the new Paragon hero Kwang a few days ago on Twitter.

The post shows a reflection of a face in a beautifully etched sword blade. Then yesterday they released a five-second teaser trailer for the new Paragon hero, which revealed a male character in metal armor and purple cloth, headed into battle. On his back was the same weapon, only this time in its full glory.

Today’s reveal officially introduced us to the new Paragon hero, Kwang. This young samurai-esque warrior appears to be of Asian descent. He is the master of the powers of steel and energy.

Kwang’s Powers

This handsome new addition to the Paragon lineup will take your breath away — well, if given the chance. Purple lighting pulses from his body as beams of light strike his massive Legendary Blade giving Kwang both physical and energy armor. The sword bursts with light creating a lifestealing aura — his Gift of the Heavens for himself and his allies.

Kwang is primarily a melee fighter but his AOE attacks aren’t always served from nearby. His Judgement of the Heavens ability allows him to throw his blade high into the sky. As it lands and drives itself into the ground, it tethers and damages any foe within range. It will stay planted into the ground unless re-triggered or after the next basic attack. Kwang can draw from his internal power to teleport to the blade and pull it from the ground. If available, he can then use his ultimate ability Fury of the Heavens to spin the blade around him. This damages and slows any enemies unfortunate enough to be caught within its path.

Kwang Strategies and Synergies

Kwang is a master swordsman who excels at initiating. He is the only hero to have both the Corruption and Order affinities. His tether ability would synergize well with heroes like Steel or Gideon who can do massive damage to an enemy player who finds themselves unable to move. Kwang could also join forces with Gadget to harass and slow the opposing team.

Kwang will be available to play on Oct. 4. Paragon is currently available to play free during the open beta on PC and PlayStation 4.

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