New ‘Overwatch’ Hero Ana Revealed

There has been some speculation regarding the identity of Blizzard’s new Overwatch hero. Recently, we put up a post detailing some of the clues found in the blueprint image that Blizzard teased via their twitter. While some of the communities predictions regarding the abilities of the new Overwatch are true, the new character actually not Sombra.

Instead, the new hero is Ana, mother of the rocketeer Pharah . An original member of the Overwatch organization, Ana was sidelined from duty when a snipe from Widowmaker gave her a near-fatal injury. Many believed her dead. Check out the story trailer below for more on her backstory.

Her return to the Overwatch organization is much desired. The choices for players who want to fulfill a support role are more limited than the other roles. Her skillset is as follows:

Biotic Rifle

Biotic Rifle Ana new Overwatch hero
Biotic Rifle fire.

Equipped with a long-ranged biotic rifle, Ana can heal allies or damage enemies over time.

Sleep Dart

Sleep Dart Ana new Overwatch hero
Sleep Dart putting down Reaper.

Her sidearm is a nifty Sleep Dart that will stun enemies. However, any damage taken by the stunned target will remove the stun effect.

Biotic Grenade

Biotic Grenade New Overwatch Hero Ana
Biotic Grenade can shut down Lucio heals.

When thrown, the AOE of the Biotic Grenade‘s explosion heals allies and deals damage to enemies. Furthermore, all healing effects from those within the AOE are amplified, while enemies will be unable to regenerate health from any source.

Nano Boost

Nano Boost New Overwatch Hero Ana
Reinhardt with the Nano Boost buff.

An ultimate ability, Nano Boost is the ultimate buff to give to a teammate. When applied, the teammate will receive a boost in move speed, damage and defense.

This might be the hero who possess the most utility in the Overwatch roster. A heal, damage over time, AOE bomb, buffs, and a stun — round out an excellent array of skills for a support character. She seems an exceptionally great counter to the game’s other support heroes.

No release date has been given yet, so sit tight. For more information on Ana, check out the wiki page here.


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