New ‘Nice Guys’ Trailer is Naughty

Drew Dietsch

We here at Fandom have a whole lotta love for Shane Black. Though most folks know him as the guy that made the best Iron Man film, we’ve been giving Shane love since his Lethal Weapon and Monster Squad days. Any time Black gets a new movie made, you should perk your ears up and pay attention. This summer, Black is getting to play with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in the quirky crime comedy The Nice Guys. There’s a new trailer out and you should watch it. Go ahead. I’ll be here when you’re done.

Sure, there’s more than a little of Black’s minor masterpiece Kiss Kiss Bang Bang present in this trailer, but who cares when it looks this fun? Crowe and Gosling are showing fantastic buddy chemistry, and Black is more than capable of delivering some excitement to go along with the laughs. We don’t really get these kinds of broad yet bizarre movies anymore — there’s a reason this thing is set in the ’70s — so The Nice Guys feels like a breath of fresh air among the sturm und drang of stuff like X-Men: Apocalypse and Captain America: Civil War.

This is obviously a passion project for Black built up from the good will he earned on Iron Man Three, so I hope it goes over well with audiences and critics. I’m all for another superhero movie as long as we get gems like The Nice Guys every so often.

The Nice Guys starts its bromance on May 20.

Drew Dietsch
Drew Dietsch is an Entertainment Editor at FANDOM. He hosts a weekly film review podcast at his site, as well as the shark movies podcast Fin Flicks. If you need someone to talk about Jaws, RoboCop, horror movies, or why Batman Forever is highly underrated, Drew is your guy.
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