New ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Trailer Is Going to Make You Smile

Drew Dietsch
Streaming TV
Streaming TV

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back! The B-movie – and sometimes Z-movie – comedy show is returning with all new episodes on Netflix. There’s a new cast, new set, and a whole slew of new movies to give the MST3K treatment. Need to see a little something to whet your appetite? Check out this first trailer and try not to be happy. Just. Try.

Gotta get this out of the way: Felicia Day is an absolute joy as Kinga Forrester. Her energy and kooky attitude fit right in with the Mads of yesteryear. And those sets! Mystery Science Theater 3000 has never looked better. Granted, the homemade aesthetic of the show is one of its greatest traits, and even though this new production looks shinier than usual, it still maintains that “garage band” feel of the original.

And we got our first look at some of the movies that Jonah and the Bots will be riffing. There’s a shot of the Reptilicus poster and what looks to be a scene from Starcrash, a Star Wars ripoff that is an absolute blast. These are perfect movies for the crew to go to town on. To be fair, a lot of those movies are a delight on their own but it’s always great to get some comedic perspective on these.

You can bet that Mystery Science Theater 3000 is going to be one of the most watched programs on Netflix this year. The fan base is ready for some more movie-watching shenanigans and it looks like this new version is going to deliver the goods. The new season will hit on April 14. You can bet that we’ll be right there when it hits. While you wait, give a listen to this awesome cover of the theme song by Man or Astroman? Just in case you needed more smiles in your day.

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