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What the New Lego Batman Trailer Taught Fans

The upcoming LEGO Batman Movie just dropped another trailer. And it’s hilarious. Described by director Chris McKay as Heat meets About a Boy, the new Warner Bros film is a spin-off of the 2014 film The Lego Movie. Set in the same universe as the previous film, it follows the adventures of DC Comics’ character Batman as he attempts to prevent a hostile takeover by the Joker.

The trailer gave us some brief snapshots of the plot as it follows Batman (Will Arnett) as he tries to stop the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) while also raising Robin (Michael Cera). But we also learned a few new things about the characters involved. For starters, Batman is a lonely guy. Well, at least in the beginning of the trailer. You see, tough-guy Batman we saw in The Lego Movie really lives all alone in his echoing mansion eating cordon bleu TV dinners and trying to get all of his gadgets to sync properly. He’s not alone, though. He has Alfred.


And it turns out someone besides Alfred in the house. The solo operator Batman is a thing of the past, as we see the beginnings of a family of vigilantes. The new Batman has his sidekick Robin. The Boy Wonder seems to be pulling on his tights for the first time in the movie. This Boy Wonder appears to have one sole purpose: To wind Batman up with his perky over enthusiasm and skimpy outfits.

And he isn’t the only costumed sidekick to show up. Barbara Gordon, portrayed by Rosario Dawson, seems to be Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl thrown in a blender. The new iteration of the character pitched to us by Warner Bros has a new plan for Gotham City Police Department; She wants Gotham City’s Finest to work alongside the Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne’s reaction to Barbara’s proposal may just be enough to make you spray wine out of your mouth.


The LEGO Batman Movie seems to be taking the connection between Batman and the Joker to a whole new level. When Batman tells Joker that Superman is his true enemy he breaks down into a tear-stricken puppy. A little jab at this year’s versus film?


You can watch the movie in the United States on Feb. 10, 2017.

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