New ‘It’ Trailer Will Make Stephen King Fans Very, Very Happy

Drew Dietsch

It is my most anticipated film of the year. The Stephen King story is practically the Bible of classic movie monsters and childhood fears, and it’s finally getting the big screen treatment it deserves. The first trailer had me gushing like a blood fountain and now we have yet another look at the film adaptation. Stop reading my words and give it a watch!

The Losers Club is Winning

The best thing about this new trailer/clip is the interaction between the kids. Bill, Stan, Ben, Richie, Beverly, and Eddie all seem to have genuine chemistry together. We don’t see Mike in this trailer but he also is the last person to join the team, who affectionately call their circle of friends the Losers Club. Child actors are rarely excellent performers – that’s no fault of theirs. Acting is tough even when you’re experienced at it – but this group of kids seems up to the task. The interplay between them in the sewer pipe is fantastic.

But, the big thing everyone is interested in is Pennywise. The shot of him holding an exponentially growing set of balloons is AWESOME. There is just something off about that image that makes it feel so damn eerie. Bill Skarsgård’s face when it’s revealed? A touch on the silly side but we should reserve judgment. He looked absolutely terrifying in the first trailer so no reason to bash the movie on one image.

It is beginning to feel like the horror movie event fans have been waiting for. There is a very good chance that this will be a smash hit sensation for the genre, and that makes this Stephen King fan very, very happy. This is looking like it will capture the spirit of the original book quite well. I can not wait to see this.

It opens nationwide on September 8. Get ready to have some nightmares.

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