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New Hero Narbash Marches Into ‘Paragon’

Epic Games recently revealed the latest new hero to join the Paragon roster: Narbash. The news comes only two days after the start of the game’s first Open Beta to last longer than a weekend. This orcish-looking green-skinned behemoth is a Caster who provides AOE crowd control similar to the previously released Hero, The Fey. However, Narbash does so in a way you might not expect from a MOBA Hero. Take a look at the announcement video.

He’s large and he’s loud! Narbash’s March ability provides him and nearby allies with a movement speed aura. Combine this with Song of My People, a health regeneration aura, and he becomes his friends’ favorite drummer and his enemies’ greatest annoyance. He can lock down a single target with a well directed Thunk by tossing his drumming club through the air. If Narbash notices the opposing team attempting to leave the performance early, he can slow them down with a Crash, Bang, Boom, his AOE slow, and finish it off with a knockup.

As a support Hero, Narbash revs up his team by banging on the drums. While this behavior may seem more than a bit silly, that’s certainly no reason to count him out in a fight. Mistaking him for an easy target may get you a quick thwap to the head as a painful reminder. Unlike The Fey and Muriel, who are ranged support casters, Narbash is a melee Hero, so don’t be surprised to see him up front providing speed buffs to tanks like Steel and Rampage or following fighters like Grux or Khaimera.

Players will get their first chance to play Narbash on August 23. The Open Beta is available now. Players can join by downloading the game from

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