New Hero Fey Joins ‘Paragon’


Epic games unveiled Fey, the latest new hero to join their upcoming MOBA, Paragon. Looking like an angry and violence-prone Tinkerbell, The Fey is a fairy-folk Support Caster that can deal AoE damage and inflict some brutal crowd-control on her enemies. Check out her full announcement trailer below.

Judging by the character reveal, Fey looks to play similarly to League of LegendsZyra. Not only are both heroes plant-based characters, but they each seem like great options for the damage-dealing support role. However, with a passive that returns mana on successful hits, Fey can harass enemies more consistently than her League counterpart. Somewhat akin to the original version of Zyra, Fey’s Untamed Growth launches a seed at a target location, which sprouts into an explosive flower, damaging all enemy units in range.  She can also grow a row of thorny vines with Bramble Patch, sending them out in a massive line in front of her, slowing enemies trying to walk through the plants. With these two abilities, Fey seems like a great option for players who want to lock-off enemy movement, split the opposing team, or otherwise isolate squishy targets from their friends.

Fey’s Ultimate, Fly Trap, looks like another seed toss, this time growing a massive plant that sends out tendrils lashing out to drag in enemy heroes and deal hefty damage. The crowd-control capability alone is impressive, letting Fey peel for her allies or pull in single-targers. In the trailer, Fey uses this ability to set up Steel‘s devastating Shield Slam. This is exactly the kind of wombo-combo tricks you’ll want to pull when Fey comes to Paragon‘s Early Access on Aug. 2.

Not in the Early Access? You can join through Aug. 1. Alternatively, Paragon will enter free open beta for all PS4 and PC players on Aug. 16.

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