‘New Girl’ Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: “House Hunt”

Ryan Aday

New Girl is back. Last night kicked off season 6 of this FOX favorite and gave fans plenty of set-up to the new storylines. Jess, Winston, Nick, Schmidt, and Cece are all back and have new stages of life to deal with.

At the end of last season, Nick went to New Orleans to stay with Reagan (Megan Fox) which is especially relevant as we know Jess has feelings for him. Also, Schmidt and Cece exchanged wedding vows. Finally, Winston and Aly admitted that they had feelings for each other.

New Girl returns with a bang in the season premier of the 6th season

First of all, it is obvious that major changes are in the air. The loft is no longer large enough to accommodate everyone, so Schmidt and Cece actively look for a house. Their real estate agent is an airhead, rather than a seasoned professional. Most noteworthy is the fact that their agent is Aly’s ditsy sister, Leslie. Winston is engaged in a long distance Skype relationship with Aly who is away at FBI training. He is constantly on edge because he has had very few long-term relationships. Nick currently resides in New Orleans with Reagan, and Jess spent the summer bulking up at the gym, learning languages, and keeping her mind off of him.

Nick arrives home a month early and Jess is uncomfortable when he tells her how well his new relationship is going. He reveals that he as been able to finally write his book and shows Jess that he has dedicated it, in part, to her. Leslie has shown Schmidt and Cece a house several times and lets them know that their offer has been approved and the house is theirs. When they arrive, a man walks out of the house and questions why they are on his property. Turns out that Leslie really has no idea what she is doing and the house was never even for sale.

Leslie the worst real estate agent shows Schmidt, Cece, Jess and Winston a property
Leslie is probably the worst real estate agent ever

Schmidt and Cece fire Leslie and Jess steps in to take charge, informing them that she will be their new agent. They try to tell her that they need to do this on their own but Jess won’t listen. When they go to check another property, Jess follows them in her car. Cece and Jess finally have a heart-to-heart where Jess communicates that she can’t stop or she will have to deal with Nick. The episode culminates with Cece and Schmidt attempting to get a larger loan. Nick has to put the bar up to cosign with them. When they realize that the house is too much for them, they decide on a fixer-upper. The gang meets at the new house. Though shocked at the tragic condition of the place, they agree to tear it down and build it up piece by piece.

New Girl always makes you laugh when you least expect it. The subtleties of the dialogue are the true treasures. This episode was the first directed by Zooey Deschanel and was really a new beginning for the characters. One would expect to revisit the Jess/Nick/Reagan arc often this season. This episode served admirably to set up the themes for the upcoming season.


Winston trying to fire Leslie only to hire her as his real estate agent

Jess trying to inspect the new house Cece and Nick are interested in

Giving us hope that Reagan will return (Fox is brilliant as Reagan and more of her the better)

Fox on New Girl
Fox surprises with her performance as Reagan

New Girl airs Tuesday at 8:30pm on FOX. It runs immediately after Brooklyn 9-9, and the two shows will have a crossover episode in mid-October.

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