‘New Girl’ Recap: “Jaipur Aviv”

Ryan Aday

New Girl continues finding it’s stride with a great new episode “Jaipur Aviv”. They address the numbers issue in the loft, the situation with Nick and Reagan, and Schmidt and Cece’s new house.


The loft-mates gather to discuss the number situation in the house. Schmidt and Cece are moving out in six months so they must begin planning for adding another roommate. Nick suggests that Reagan moves into his room as a way of having someone else pay rent yet also allowing Schmidt and Cece to live there until their house is ready. Once they move, the idea is to turn Schmidt’s room into a multi-purpose room.

Schmidt and Cece attempt working decorating together

Cece and Schmidt continue working on their new house. Schmidt appointed himself in charge of decorating, a title which Cece tolerates although she is not totally on board. While taking down wallpaper from the fireplace, Winston feels like he recognizes the house. Upon further review, he remembers that it resembles the setting of an adult movie he previously viewed. So he and Nick research the film to see if the movie took place in Schmidt’s house.

They both agree to keep it a secret, knowing that Schmidt would not handle it very well. Unfortunately, they currently keep five secrets from Schmidt, a number they agreed would be the most secrets they could keep at once. Consequently, they discuss which secret could be replaced with the new adult film secret.

Nick and Jess in New Girl must call a vote to change the terms of the roommate agreement
Nick and Jess must call a vote to change the terms of the roommate agreement

The group gets together to vote on whether or not Reagan can stay. The vote is technically about changing from a max of five in the loft to six, but we understand that the vote specifically concerns Reagan. After several ballots, they can’t come to a unanimous decision. It turns out that Nick changed his mind somewhere along the way and was voting “nay”. After speaking with Jess, he agrees to ask Reagan to move in with them.

Winston and Nick realize that the adult movie was filmed in Seattle, not Schmidt’s house, so Nick stops Winston from revealing a different secret. Cece and Schmidt compromise on the decoration, agreeing that Cece really has no idea about the differences between finishes or cabinetry, but Schmidt just needs to make her feel like she is part of the process.


This episode epitomized what New Girl represents. It was fun, funny, a little crazy, and pulled at an emotional connection. Jess reemerging as the leader of the loft to take control of the numbers situation was long overdue. Schmidt and Cece continue to evolve as their typical mismatched selves. Winston, sans Ally, is allowed to play off of the other characters more which makes him a funnier part of the cast. Following last week’s crossover with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl landed right back on its feet.


  • Schmidt’s overly dramatic reaction to Cece’s decorating choices
  • Nick and Winston’s ceremonial keeper of the secrets handshake
  • Jess’s magnet photos of all roommates

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 8:30 PST/EST on Fox following Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Check out our complete recap of this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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