New Fighter Greystone Joins ‘Paragon’


Epic Games just unveiled Greystone, the latest hero to join Paragon, their upcoming third-person MOBA. Check out the announcement trailer below.

While the blond-haired noble looks and seems to fight a lot like Garen from League of Legends (Spin to win, baby!), he’s actually got a pretty unique trait unlike any MOBA character I can think of. Greystone’s basic abilities, Assault the Gates and Make Way, deliver punishing AoE attacks. Meanwhile, his passive ability Stoic grants the melee fighter scaling armor and health. It’s clear Greystone is a front-line hero that excels at diving into enemy back lines.

Normally this type of behavior would be a bit suicidal, but his ultimate ability, Reforged, is an insane passive that synergizes perfectly with his deadly initiation. When Greystone dies, instead of falling like other heroes, he turns to stone. After three seconds, his spirit flies back into his body, restoring a massive amount of health and mana and knocking all nearby enemies up into the air. Your enemies will have to think twice before targeting Greystone. If a team fight lasts longer than a few seconds, you’ll come right back and wreak havoc.

Eager to play Greystone? Paragon is now available in early access and Greystone releases Tuesday, July 12.