Attikus and Galilea ‘Battleborn’ Heroes Announced

Nico Faraguna

2K Games and Gearbox Software, the folks who brought you the popular FPS series Borderlands, announced two new additions to the Battleborn roster. Attikus and Galilea are the 19th and 20th characters out of the planned 25 to be added to the game. Some videos accompanied the announcement and should prove insightful as what to expect the next time you fire up the game.


A big brute with a heavy hand, Attikus is the definition of “in your grill”. His two basic attacks offer devastating melee blows with one charged ability that can deplete a foes shield and cause them to become highly vulnerable.

Keeping your distance is key against Attikus, as his active abilities will punish you if you’re within his reach. He has a gap chasing ability with a devastating leap, a pseudo taser ability for those who get to close, and an AOE ultimate to knockback and damage enemies in his path.


Like Attikus, Galilea is another up close and personal melee fighter who you’ll need to run away from if she’s too near. Equipped with some serious armor and an even more serious looking blade, Galilea is a mobile melee bad-ass who can be a real nuisance in a brawl. Her basic attacks are simple enough, with one ability reserved for slashing with a Greatsword and the other for protecting herself with a Greatshield. A smart player with good timing can easily sustain themselves in a fight and deal considerable damage with using these two abilities correctly.

Some of her active abilities, including her passive causes enemies to become more vulnerable or generally take damage if they’re nearby. Pro tip: Run away or hope you have a ranged character to deal with her.

Battleborn is slotted to release on May 3rd this year with 25 playable characters at launch. It will be available on Xbox One, PC and PS4. Join the community at


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