New Batsuit Revealed in ‘Justice League’ Pic

Drew Dietsch

Justice League is a little over a year away but we’re already seeing lots of new images come out. The trailer was a big hit at Comic-Con, and now we have our first look at a new Batsuit. Looks like Ben Affleck will be sporting multiple costumes this time around. Feast your peepers on this:

tactical batsuit justice league batman ben affleck

Apparently, this model of superhero formal wear has been dubbed the tactical Batsuit. Exactly what tactics the suit is capable of remains to be seen.

The suit Ben Affleck wore in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was heavily modeled on Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight Returns, and this retains some of that design. However, the segmented body armor definitely draws comparisons to Christian Bale’s Batsuit from The Dark Knight. But, the oddest component of this armor are those wacky glasses. We in the Fandom bullpen have all agreed that this looks like another DC character that was brought to the screen:

nite owl watchmen

How many new costumes?

Yes, it seems that Zack Snyder really loves to put goggles on his vigilantes. Snyder directed Watchmen which featured the above interpretation of the dorky superhero Nite Owl. It’s hard not to see some kind of resemblance.

Will Batman be rocking any other sweet duds, or is this the only new fashion statement he’s willing to make? How many different kinds of action figures does Warner Bros. want to sell when this movie lands? Is it too much to hope for some shark repellent Bat-spray?

All these questions and more will be answered when Justice League explodes into theaters on November 17. Prepare to see a bunch of kids running around next Halloween with some doofy glasses on their faces. Unfortunately, they won’t be dressed up as Nite Owl. the world is too grim a place for that to happen.

Drew Dietsch
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